Dr. Muhammad Riaz is a  professional cosmetic surgeon. He’s affiliated with FRCS, FRCESD, and FRCSI. Since 1999 he has been performing successful surgeries with his great knowledge and grip towards patient’s desires. His name ranks in the list of the UK’s most reputable doctors.

Dr. Muhammad Riaz embraces 20+ years of experience in this field. He served for many years as a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Although, he has a strong background in transplantation surgeries at the UK castle hospital.

He’s a complete power back for providing a successful hair transplant surgery. For the last 10 years, he has performed thousands of FUE and FUT surgeries to overcome all degrees of alopecia whether its hairlines receding or crown patches. Male and female transplants and various other hair restoration techniques are effectively offered by him.

In his professional journey, he received phenomenal achievements as he strives to put all his efforts to achieve the best possible results. He ensures the best care of patients before, during, or even after the surgery.

His artistic skills have contributed greatly to the success rate of Hair Transplant at Royal cosmetic.